Here is our Fee Details/注册须知

Payment Method:

1. Credit Card with VISA or MasterCard. 
2. Pay by Online Bank

The link for Credit Card payment and the Online Bank can be found in the registration form when you receive the notification of acceptance successfully, or contact the conference secretary to get these information.

For authors:

1. Authors whose papers are accepted should follow the SIX steps listed in the notification form.

2. Send all the required files to us at

3. Your registration will be confirmed if all the files are perfect.


Author: making a presentation of the paper which will be published by the proceedings/journals.

Presenter: making a presentation on the conference without paper publishing.

Listener: Participating in the conference only with neither presentation or paper publication (Listener's registration form)


● One regular registration for the conference proceedings can cover a paper within five pages including all figures, tables and references.

● Author registration fee includes conference materials, lunch and dinner on January 20, 2019, conference bag, morning and afternoon teas, attending all technical sessions, conference proceeding.
● At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register. 
●One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one journal book.
● Registration fee for each accompanying person / listener is 250 U.S. Dollars. 
● Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side. 
● Please note that the paid registration fee cannot be refunded if you cannot participate in the conference.
● One Day Tour is optional for all participants.

  • Categories for registration
  • Authors (Students) and Committees
  • Authors (Regular)
  • Oral Presentation Only
  • Listener
  • Additional Paper(s) 
  • Additional Page 
  • Extra Proceedings 
  • One Day Tour 
  • Early Bird Before Oct. 10th, 2019
  • $450/¥3000
  • $500/¥3400
  • $350/¥2300
  • $300/¥2000
  • $350/¥2300
  • $70/¥450
  • $80/¥500
  • $80/¥500
  • Regular Registration after Oct. 10th, 2019
  • $500/¥3400
  • $550/¥3700
  • $400/¥2700
  • $300/¥2000
  • $350/¥2300
  • $70/¥450
  • $80/¥500
  • $80/¥500